Persian Cuisine: Abdough-Khiar

Abdoogh Khiar (Ab: water, Doogh: yogurt drink, Khiar: Cucumber) or cold Cucumber Yogurt Soup has been part of iranian culture from the ancient Persian era.

Behnam Bani

Nura M Inuwa

Hojjat Ashrafzadeh

Nazifi Asnanic

Mohsen Sharifian

Umar M Shareef

Amir Tajik

Hamisu Breaker

Ali Lohrasbi

Iran’s beach bungee jumping will take your breath away!

Iran’s first beach bungee jumping resort is situated in Kish Island in the Persian Gulf. The resort has two springboards with heights of 40 and 60 meters, both allowing you to experience a true adrenaline rush.

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