US, UK desperately pushing back Iran but get ‘humiliated’: Iran FM

2020-08-19 11:35:38
US, UK desperately pushing back Iran but get ‘humiliated’: Iran FM

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says the US and the UK have desperately been trying to push back Iran to the era before the victory of the country’s Islamic Revolution in 1979, but are “humiliated” by the Iranian people.

Zarif made the comment in a tweet on Tuesday, also accusing the US along with the UK of trying to “suffocate Iranians’ demand for dignity in a coup overthrowing their elected government.”

“67 years ago today, US/UK tried to suffocate the Iranian people’s demand for dignity in a coup overthrowing their elected government,” the top Iranian diplomat wrote.

“Since 1979, the US has desperately tried to resuscitate the past. Yet it keeps getting humiliated by the Iranian people.”

Zarif was referring to the 1953 coup d’état against the elected government of Iran’s then-Prime Minster Mohammad Mosaddeq. The anniversary of the Western-sponsored coup annually falls on August 18.

Moreover, the top Iranian diplomat suggested in his tweet that Washington had better change its approach toward Iranian people as it keeps getting humiliated by them.

In August 1953, the British intelligence agency MI6 and its American counterpart, the CIA, initiated the coup by the Iranian military, setting off a series of events, including riots on the streets of the capital Tehran, which led to the overthrow and arrest of Mosaddeq.

The coup, which was followed by the temporary rule of CIA- and MI6-approved General Fazlollah Zahedi, enabled the monarch, Mohammad-Reza Pahlavi’s return from exile in Italy. It also consolidated the monarch's rule for the following 26 years until the victory of Iran’s Islamic Revolution in 1979, led by Imam Khomeini, which toppled the Pahlavi regime.

Mosaddeq, who was convicted of treason by a court martial after the coup, served three years in solitary confinement and eventually died under house arrest in exile in 1967.

The historic overthrow, though, is still given as a reason for the Iranians' mistrust of the UK and the US.

Experts say the upheaval, known in Iran as the 28 Mordad Coup, was aimed at making sure the Iranian monarchy would safeguard the West's oil interests in the country.


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