Turkey sentences ISIS terrorist to 40 life terms over Istanbul massacre

2020-09-08 15:25:02
Turkey sentences ISIS terrorist to 40 life terms over Istanbul massacre

A court in Turkey has given the life sentence to the suspect in the 2017 New Year’s Eve massacre by the ISIS terrorist group on a nightclub in Istanbul.

This past Monday, Istanbul’s Heavy Penal Court No. 27 sentenced Abdulkadir Masharipov to the equivalent of 40 life sentences without the possibility of parole over Constitutional violation and taking the lives of 39 people, including a police officer.

Additionally, it gave Masharipov a total of 1,368 years over carrying an unlicensed weapon and the attempted murder of 79 people who were able to escape the assault, however with injuries.

The very same tribunal also gave Ilyas Mamasaripov, one of the planners of the attack, 1,432 years in prison over, among other things, helping the murders and attempted murders.

It also stated that 48 other defendants were given jail terms of different lengths over membership in a terrorist group; eleven other defendants, however, were freed of all charges.

On January 1 back in 2017, Masharipov used an automatic rifle to open fire on innocent people at Istanbul’s Reina nightclub, where tens of peopel were partying and celebrating the New Year. He then threw multiple stun grenades to allow himself some time to reload and shoot the wounded on the ground.


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