US says Bahrain joining UAE in normalizing ties with Israel

2020-09-12 18:17:41
US says Bahrain joining UAE in normalizing ties with Israel

US President Donald Trump has announced the normalization of bilateral ties between Bahrain and the occupying regime of Israel, the second Arab state to join a deal widely censured as a betrayal of the Palestinian nation and the Muslim world.

Trump said in a tweet on Friday that Bahrain had agreed to join the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in striking what he called a peace deal to normalize relations with Tel Aviv.

The White House said the US president had tweeted out the news after speaking by phone to Bahraini King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifah and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Trump also attached to a separate tweet a joint statement, whereby the three had agreed on and expressed commitment to “the establishment of full diplomatic relations between Israel and the Kingdom of Bahrain."

They also boasted the deal in the statement as a “historic breakthrough,” and claimed the agreement was aimed at increasing “stability, security, and prosperity in the region.”

Bahrain has agreed to formalize the deal with Israel at a ceremony on September 15 at the White House, where the UAE would also sign off on its own thaw with the occupying regime announced in mid-August.

Various Palestinian and Bahraini groups and organizations blasted the deal. A spokesman for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad resistance movement said the deal “reflects the US custody of Bahrain.”

An official with the Palestinian movement of Fatah also slammed deal, lambasting Arab rulers for having attached their continued grip on power to the US administration.

Moreover, the February 14 Youth Coalition in Bahrain, named after the date of the beginning of the popular uprising against the ruling Bahraini regime, censured the normalization deal.

Israel and the UAE agreed to a US-brokered deal to normalize relations on August 13. Under the agreement, the Zionist regime has purportedly agreed to "temporarily" suspend applying its own rule to further areas in the occupied West Bank and the strategic Jordan Valley that the Israeli premier had pledged to annex.

The Palestinians have unanimously censured the UAE-Israel peace deal, which runs counter to a long-standing Arab consensus that any normalization of ties with Israel has to come in the context of the settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the establishment of a sovereign Palestinian state.

They say the UAE, as an important Arab player in the region, has stabbed fellow Palestinians in the back with an agreement that does not serve the cause of the Palestinians.

The UAE-Israel agreement has also sparked protests and condemnations from Muslim and other Arab countries, who described it as an act of treason against the Palestinians.


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