Israel-Bahrain normalization deal strengthens Muslim resolve to repel cancerous Israeli tumor: IRCG

2020-09-13 16:28:51
Israel-Bahrain normalization deal strengthens Muslim resolve to repel cancerous Israeli tumor: IRCG

On Saturday, The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) decried the recent normalization agreement between Bahrain and Israel, commenting that the Bahraini regime should wait for a harsh revenge from the country’s freedom-seekers as well as its Muslim population.

The agreement will strengthen the resolve of the global Muslim community to repel the cancerous Israeli tumor from the Islamic world, it said.

“The shameful action of Al Khalifah and the vassal ruling regime in Bahrain to establish relations with the Zionist regime, which took place against the will and ideal of the country’s Muslim people, was an enormous stupidity which lacked any legitimacy, and it will receive an appropriate response,” the IRGC commented in an official statement issued this past Saturday.

American President Donald Trump also made an announcement on Friday that he was responsible for brokering what he termed “a historic deal” between Israel and Bahrain.

Under this outrageous deal, Israel and Bahrain have made a commitment to start the exchange of embassies and ambassadors, begin direct flights, and launch cooperation initiatives across a wide range of sectors, according to an official White House statement made on September 11.

This normalization deal was made roughly a month after the normalization agreement readched between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. Officials from Bahrain are expected to join Israeli and Emirati officials at the White House for a signing ceremony next week.

“The domino of normalization of the Zionist regime’s relations with rulers of some Arab countries, which is engineered by the White House and the loathed and unwise president of the U.S. after imposing humiliation and degradation on Muslim nations and looting their resources and wealth as well as creating security for the occupiers of Palestine and usurpers of Quds al-Sharif, will never achieve its wicked goal,” the IRGC further remarked.

The IRGC also warned the Al Khalifah regime and other similar puppet regional rulers against paving the way for the Israeli’s infiltration into the strategic Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman.

The sinister act of the cruel Bahraini regime would never have any achievement for the U.S. and adamant supporters of the child-killing regime of Israel, it said.


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