South Africa startled by U.S. allegations against Iran

2020-09-15 16:06:12
South Africa startled by U.S. allegations against Iran

South Africa’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson has recently stated that the United States’ allegations regarding Iran wanting to assassinate the U.S. ambassador to Pretoria in order to avenge the cruel assassination of Top General Qassem Soleimani has taken South Africa by surprise.

“We only became aware of this report this morning,” Lunga Ngqengelele commented this past Monday.

In a brief report published by Politico this past Sunday, it is suggested that Iran is planning an assassination attempt against the U.S. ambassador to South Africa so as to retaliate for General Soleimani’s assassination.

Saeed Khatibzadeh, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman, defintively rejected the report and said it was “customer-made, biased and purposeful”.

Aware that Politico has attempted to display its claim as real by making reference to the comments of an “apparent American official”, Khatibzadeh further remarked, “We advise the United States’ officials to stop resorting to repeated and decayed methods to create anti-Iran commotion at the international arena.”

He also stated Iran is a highly “responsible” member of the international community and that the country has always been fully committed to international diplomatic regulations.

Believing the new report to be part of the American “disinformation campaign” against the Islamic Republic of Iran, Khatibzadeh also stated, “The United States regime’s resort to leveling accusations and spreading lies against Iran was predictable especially on the eve of the United States’ presidential elections concurrent with the pressures that this regime is applying to exploit the United Nations Security Council’s mechanisms with the purpose of increasing pressure on the Iranian people.”

Additionally, Khatibzadeh commnented that Iran will never ever forgive or forget the cruel assassination of General Soleimani and will no doubt pursue the case through legal channels.

Mr. Abbas Mousavi, The Islamic Republic of Iran’s current ambassador to the Republic of Azerbaijan, has warned the US that the revenge for the cruel assassinating of Lieutenant General Soleimani, recognized as a unique hero in the campaign against terrorism, “is much greater than the ill-fated American ambassador” in South Africa.

General Soleimani was recognized globally as a top commander in the war against terrorist groups, including, but not limited to, Daesh (ISIS). Only Daesh and similar terrorist groups celebrated General Soleimani’s assassination.


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