President Rouhani congratulates Iranian people on definite victory over US regarding sanctions snapback

2020-09-16 15:52:58
President Rouhani congratulates Iranian people on definite victory over US regarding sanctions snapback

Iranian President Mr. Hassan Rouhani has remarked that the United States has suffered a “humiliating defeat” in attempting to trigger what is commonly known as the snapback mechanism, commenting that this weekend — the date when Washington claims the UN sanctions will be reinstated against Tehran — will mark a historic victory for everyone in Iran.

President Rouhani made these remarks in a cabinet meeting this past Wednesday as the 1-month countdown for a return of UN restrictions which the United States has allegedly activated against the Islamic Republic of Iran will come to an end over the weekend.

“Saturday and Sunday are the days of the Iranian nation’s victory and America’s humiliating defeat,” the Iranian president remarked. “I congratulate the Iranian nation in advance on its great and historic victory in defeating America’s attempts to trigger the snap-back mechanism.”

This past August, the United States informed the United Nations about Washington’s recent demand for all UN sanctions on Iran to be returned, referring to what they claimed to be Iranian violations of the famous 2015 nuclear deal.

Nevertheless, the other signatories to the deal — termed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) — argued that Washington could not begin the mechanism because it had already withdrew from the deal back in May 2018.

The whole world knows that the snapback mechanism belongs to the JCPOA members. The one who has considered the JCPOA to be treasonous, named it the ‘worst deal ever,’ withdrawn from it, heaped scorn on it, encouraged others to pull out of it and stood against the Security Council Resolution (2231), is not qualified for this job,” President Rouhani stated, citing the resolution that enshrined the famous 2015 nuclear deal.

Initiating the snapback mechanism “is a one-month process, which fortunately the United States could not even start. It is one of Iran’s historical victories and successes. America wants to conspire against the Iranian people but cannot even take a single step,” he said.


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