FM Zarif promises Iran's support for Kuwait during meeting with new emir

2020-10-04 15:56:11
FM Zarif promises Iran's support for Kuwait during meeting with new emir

Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran's Foreign Minister, has had a meeting with Kuwait’s new emir, who has taken the reins of the tiny Persian Gulf state since the passing of his predecessor Sheikh Sabah.

Zarif has gone to Kuwait City on an official visit directed by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, the Foreign Ministry siad on Sunday.

During the meeting with Emir Sheikh Nawaf al-Ahmad Al Sabah, he condoled with the Kuwaiti state and people on behalf of the Iranian people over the demise of Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad Al Sabah, who died this past Tuesday at the age of 91.

Foreign Minister Zarif congratulated Sheikh Nawaf, late Sheikh Sabah’s half-brother, on the occasion of his appointment as the country’s new emir.

He also had an official meeting with his Kuwaiti counterpart Ahmad Nasser al-Mohammad Al Sabah.

During both these meetings, Zarif promised the Islamic Republic’s adamant support for Kuwait.

The late emir was in hospital in the United States when he had to undergo surgery for a condition that is unspecified.

He had been in charge of ruling the country since 2006. He had also been the architect of the kingdom’s foreign policy for more than half a century in his duty as foreign minister.

The late emir significantly helped his country emerge from the ruins of a 1990-91 occupation by Iraq, during which few neighboring states, one of which was the Islamic Republic of Iran, rushed to Kuwait’s assistance.

His tenure and impact over Kuwait’s policies was most significantly marked by countless attempts at brokering Arab and regional peace in addition to balancing Kuwait’s relations with its neighbors.

In an Arabic tweet after Sheikh Sabah’s demise, Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif said the emir had painted a picture of moderation and peace for Kuwait and the region during his tenure, wishing security, stability, and constant growth for Kuwait under its new ruler.


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