Unable to confront truth, US censors Hausa TV social media

2020-10-10 11:33:29
Unable to confront truth, US censors Hausa TV social media

HausaTV followers on social media platforms have been shocked with Google’s recent attack against Iranian news network, specializing in Africa in Hausa and English.

On Thursday, the US tech giant blocked access to HausaTV’s YouTube account, as well as Instagram and Facebook, without mentioning any reasons.

The above platforms have censored HausaTV accounts several times since the beginning of the network, despite freedom of speech claim by them.

On no occasion, though, has Google served the networks with any notification before pulling the plug on their services. Nor has it provided any clear explanation.

Google has also banned Hausa TV staff from accessing their personal accounts after they e-mailed the company asking the reason for which Hausa TV was banned.

This act is obviously a violation to the right of freedom of speech by Google and severely slammed by those looking for different and truthful views over super powers.

Finally, we would like to ask our readers to help us spread the truth by sharing our news on social media.

Based on many surveys, the HausaTV network has strictly complied with all the restrictions specific to each social media platform. Consequently, this censorship means nothing but an obvious suppression of any different and opposing voice, and this is completely contrary to the US government's claim to support free speech.

Hausa TV calls on all supporters of freedom of expression to slam this unjust action.

We are proud that influence of Hausa TV network, despite all the restrictions and oppositions, has reached such a level that the world media giant, despite all its power, has failed against this network and has censored and cut off all Hausa TV social networks.

This is the biggest proof of Hausa TV influence in the international area, and the fear of the truth by US.

If US officials and agents injecting money into their affiliated media were aware of the modest budget of the Hausa TV, they would express their deep sorrow over the US government’s failure to confront this channel.

Hausa TV is absolutely the voice of voiceless, and will find creative and new ways to spread the truth among the world, especially in Africa.

This is not the first time that US government is violating freedom of speech against this network and it has banned Hausa TV social media accounts several times before, but Hausa TV has come back every time stronger and more motivated.


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