UN arms embargo against Iran will end by Oct. 18

2020-10-14 15:40:42
UN arms embargo against Iran will end by Oct. 18

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani congratulated the Iranian people on the imminent end of a UN arms embargo against the Islamic Republic of Iran, stating that the country would be able to buy and sell arms as of mid-October.

“Next week, we will be congratulating and giving glad tidings to the people that ten years of cruel arms embargo will come to an end. We fought with America on this issue for four years. Over the past four years, America used everything in its power to prevent the lifting of the embargo on October 18. The embargo will be lifted due to the endurance of the people,” Rouhani said on Wednesday morning.

He also said, “The U.S. failed because of the efforts made by our diplomats. Those who say what the point of the JCPOA was, should know that this is one of the JCPOA’s privileges. It lifted the arms embargo and as of Sunday, we will be able to buy arms from anyone and sell arms to anyone.”

Rouhani made these comments at a cabinet session. He remarked that the U.S. has not achieved any foreign policy breakthroughs.

The UN arms embargo against the Islamic Republic of Iran is slated to end on October 18 in accordance with the provisions of a 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and world powers. The deal, which is officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), stipulates that the UN arms embargo against Iran would be lifted exactly five years after the implementation of the JCPOA. This five-year period will end on October 18.

However, the U.S. has made tremendous efforts, from submitting a draft resolution to the UN Security Council asking for the continuation of the arms embargo to triggering a controversial mechanism within the JCPOA, to ensure that the UN Arms restrictions on Iran will not end any time soon. But all U.S. efforts in this regard have faced strong opposition from the international community. All JCPOA parties as well as thirteen of the 15-member UN Security Council have stated that the U.S. had no legal authority to extend the arms embargo against Iran.

As the expiration date of the arms embargo nears, some Iranian authorities reiterate that the arms embargo will be ended. They ask the remaining signatories to the 2015 nuclear deal to formally announce that the arms restrictions will be lifted on October 18.

This past Tuesday, a senior Iranian lawmaker emphasized the need for JCPOA parties to declare the end of the arms embargo.

“Now, countries which are parties to the JCPOA must formally announce the lifting of arms restrictions in accordance with the JCPOA and let the world know that the Islamic Republic of Iran is allowed to buy and sell arms,” Mojtaba Zolnouri, head of the Parliament’s National Security Committee, commented.

Earlier in September, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, had also stated that there would be no limitations at all regarding the arms trade with Iran subsequent to the expiration of the UN arms embargo on October 18.


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