7 dead, over 120 injured after blast at religious school in Peshawar, Pakistan

2020-10-27 16:06:05
7 dead, over 120 injured after blast at religious school in Peshawar, Pakistan

At least seven people have died and some 123 more have been seriously injured in a blast at a religious school on Tuesday in the northern Pakistani city of Peshawar, local authorities say.

Mohammad Asim, Lady Reading Hospital spokesman, told reporters that there were children among the injured.

The school is located on Peshawar's ring road, which is based in the southern outskirts of the city of Peshawar.

Peshawar's superintendent of police Waqar Azeem told reporters that the blast occurred during the morning's first lecture. Rescue services and a bomb disposal squad appears on site shortly thereafter.

Mohammad Ali Gandapur, Peshar Police Chief, announced that the cause of the explosion was an IED with 5-6 kilograms of explosives placed in an abandoned bag at the religious seminary Jamia Zubairia madrassa.

A very powerful bomb blast ripped through the Islamic seminary on the outskirts of the northwest Pakistani city of Peshawar on Tuesday morning, causing the death of some students and wounding dozens of others, police forces and a hospital spokesman announced.

This is probably the deadliest attack on civilians this year since the Pakistan stock exchange shooting took place in Karachi back in June.

On Twitter, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan stated that he was "deeply saddened" by the tragic news.

"My condolences go to the victims families & prayers for early recovery of the injured. I want to assure my nation we will ensure the terrorists responsible for this cowardly barbaric attack are brought to justice asap," Khan added.

This tragic news assumes even more significance when one considers the general state of Muslims throughout the world. From French President Macron leveling biased criticism at an essentially peaceful religion to many Pakistani Muslims dying very premature deaths, it appears that the many of the so-called world powers are openly and actively trying to weaken the religion and the countless followers thereof.

If history is any indication, however, the Islamic world will only grow stronger in face of such pressure.


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