Republican or Democrat, Iran stance on American antagonism won’t change

2020-11-03 15:36:53
Republican or Democrat, Iran stance on American antagonism won’t change

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has referred to the fight against global arrogance as an inherent feature of the Iranian nation and a main tenet of the Islamic Revolution, adding that the strategy will not be subject to alteration because of any shift of power between Republicans and Democrats in the United States.

“After more than 60 years of confrontation and animosity [demonstrated] by the domineering US regime towards the Iranian people with Democratic or Republican presidents at the helm of power, what stands out as an irrefutable fact, especially over the past four decades, is that the US arrogance and hostility towards the Islamic Republic have not changed,” the IRGC announced in an official statement, in reference to the 1953 coup d’état against the elected government of Iran’s then-prime minister Mohammad Mosaddeq and Washington's antagonism that followed the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

The statement was announced on the eve of the 41st anniversary of the annexation of the former American embassy in Tehran, dubbed the "Den of Spies."

On November 4, 1979, a number of university students undertook the diplomatic mission, which they thought had turned into a center of espionage plotting to overthrow the nascent Islamic Republic, and kept 52 American diplomats hostage for 444 days.

Documents discovered at the embassy confirmed claims by the revolutionary students that Washington had been using the compound to hatch plots against Iran.

The 13th day of the Iranian calendar month of Aban, which falls on November 3 this year, is widely known as the Student Day and the National Day of Fight against Global Arrogance.

Each year, Iranians commemorate the occasion by staging rallies; however, this year's events were canceled because of an increase in the spread of COVID-19 in recent week, that has driven the government to adopt measures to restrain the pandemic.

The anti-US sentiment increased in Iran in May 2018, when Washington withdrew from the 2015 multilateral nuclear agreement, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), and targeted the Iranian nation with the “harshest ever” economic sanctions.

The IRGC statement emphasized the need for exercising active resistance and depending on domestic strength to overcome the US economic war.

“The fight against arrogance, which is rooted in the belief system of the Muslim nation of Iran and is one of the principles of the Islamic Revolution, will never be undermined by the Western psychological warfare and media propaganda or the transfer of power between Republican and Democratic parties in the United States."

The constant US hostilities and pressures will no doubt fail in impeding the advancement of Iran's Islamic establishment that will improve in areas way beyond defense and deterrence, noted the statement.


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