Israeli regime kills Palestinian over alleged shooting attack in occupied West Bank

2020-11-04 15:22:46
Israeli regime kills Palestinian over alleged shooting attack in occupied West Bank

Israeli regime forces have shot dead a young Palestinian man, who is alleged to have carried out a shooting attack in the northern region of the occupied West Bank.

The Israeli military, in a statement issued on Wednesday, said that the Palestinian was armed with a pistol, arrived from the direction of Nablus, situated north of Jerusalem al-Quds, and shot at soldiers who were at a military post near the southern exit of the city.

The statement also said that the man was “neutralized” in the purported assault, and there were no casualties on the Israeli side.

Palestinian news agencies identified the man as 29-year-old Bilal Adnan Rawajbeh.

They added that the young Palestinian was killed when Israeli forces fired shots at his white Hyundai vehicle next to the Hawara checkpoint.

Israeli regime soldiers closed the checkpoint in both directions immediately thereafter, preventing Palestinian medics from approaching the scene.

Rawajbeh worked as a legal advisor with the rank of captain in the Palestinian Preventative Security Forces, one of the PA’s most significant intelligence organizations, according to the official Palestinian WAFA news agency.

Countless Palestinians have sustained injuries and/or lost their lives in similar incidents because of allegations that they attempted stabbing or car-ramming attacks.

The Israeli regime forces have been seriously criticized for their extensive use of lethal force and extrajudicial killings against Palestinians who do not pose an immediate threat.


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