Coronavirus infections and deaths soar across US and Europe

2020-11-07 22:22:31
Coronavirus infections and deaths soar across US and Europe

The United States reported another record of deaths and infections from the coronavirus as medical experts warn that the outbreak is worsening across the country and could lead to a devastating winter.

The coronavirus caseload in Europe and the United States continues to record an exponential rise, with the total number of reported infections in the US crossing the 9 million mark, while Europe topped 10 million.

The record number of cases in the US comes as the country elected Joe Biden as its next president. On the campaign trail, President Donald Trump remained defiant, saying the virus will "disappear."

More than 132,700 new cases were announced across the United States on Friday. The country also reported more than 1,000 deaths for the fourth straight day.

The country recorded more than 1,220 deaths on Friday. It was the first time over 1,000 deaths had been recorded for four consecutive days since Aug. 25-28.


European countries are calling for the World Health Organization to be given greater powers to independently investigate outbreaks and compel countries to provide more data after the pandemic highlighted the agency's numerous shortcomings.

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Germany increased by 19,059 to 518,753, data from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the national disease prevention and monitoring health agency, showed on Saturday.

The reported death toll rose by 103 to 10,452, the tally showed. A study conducted by the Max Planck Institute has concluded that deaths from COVID-19 in Germany will rise rapidly in the coming weeks, as infections spread among the number of people who are over 60.

Belgium and Poland have both reported record caseloads as the crisis in Europe shows no signs of abating.

Both countries have seen more than 21,000 infections in their latest updates with Belgian health authorities on high alert as the medical system buckles under the pressure.


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