Black leaders in US say Biden can’t solve racism fueled by Trump

2020-11-09 20:54:20
Black leaders in US say Biden can’t solve racism fueled by Trump

Black leaders, civil rights activists and experts in the US have warned that President-elect Joe Biden may not be able to resolve America’s persistent racial inequalities and the ethnic divisions that Donald Trump fueled during his presidency.

African Americans, who are the Democratic Party’s most loyal voting bloc, face a battle for racial progress in a nation whose very founding embraced racist, predatory systems that continue to disparately harm Black people today.

Biden will take office in January as the US confronts a series of crises that have taken a disproportionate toll on African Americans and minorities, including the coronavirus pandemic and resulting job losses.

During a contentious election campaign, Biden pledged to unify the country, acknowledged systemic racism and criticized Trump for stoking division. But Black leaders and activists say they will keep pushing the incoming administration to do more.

Nine in 10 Black voters across the US supported Biden, according to AP VoteCast, an expansive survey of more than 110,000 voters across the country.

Political experts in the US say many white Americans supported Trump in 2016 and again in 2020 not solely because they are willing to turn a blind eye to racism, but because they outright agree with a lot of his rhetoric and views on race.

America’s racist past has left generations of Black Americans struggling to achieve the so-called American dream or to overcome the effects of Trump’s election in 2016, which many experts saw as a blow to civil rights and race relations.


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