Biden: Trump’s refusal to concede his loss is an ‘embarrassment’ for US

2020-11-12 17:35:52
Biden: Trump’s refusal to concede his loss is an ‘embarrassment’ for US

US President-elect Joe Biden on Tuesday called President Donald Trump's refusal to concede his election loss an "embarrassment" as pressure grows on Trump to admit defeat.

"I just think it's an embarrassment, quite frankly," Biden said when asked what he thinks about Trump's refusal to acknowledge defeat in the November 3 election.

"How can I say this tactfully? I think it will not help the president's legacy," Biden told reporters in his home town of Wilmington, Delaware.

A week after the US election, pressure was mounting on Trump to concede the US election that he lost by more than 5 million votes, even as the president continued to pursue claims on social media and in lawsuits about ballot tampering and fraud, without providing evidence.

But none of the lawsuits appears to have the potential to change the result of votes and even a planned recount in Georgia, or any other state, would be unlikely to change the final result.

"WE WILL WIN!" the Republican president tweeted early Tuesday, referring to his so far unsuccessful lawsuits. "WATCH FOR MASSIVE BALLOT COUNTING ABUSE."

Biden, 77, is mostly ignoring Trump, 74. "The fact that they're not willing to acknowledge we won at this point is not of much consequence in our planning," Biden said.

The former vice president during Barack Obama’s presidency signaled that despite attempts by Trump to stymie his transition to power, he was increasingly a president in waiting.

Exactly four years ago Tuesday, Trump had just unexpectedly defeated Hillary Clinton and toured the White House for the first time as a guest of Barack Obama, an old tradition for a presidents-elect.

Trump has not only failed to invite Biden for a chat in the Oval Office, he is blocking the Democrat from access to facilities, funding and expertise that usually come in a ready made package to help the incoming leader.


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