Deadly virus of Trumpism remains in US: historian

2020-11-15 20:13:14
Deadly virus of Trumpism remains in US: historian

Professor Ronald Grigor Suny, an American historian, compares Trumpism to a “deadly virus” in the American society and politics whose efforts “have grown stronger in 2020”.

He says the recent presidential elections showed that a great number of Americans don't approve of Trump's performance; nevertheless, he is refusing to concede defeat.

"The administration of Donald J. Trump is coming to an end, even though the president himself cannot bring himself to admit it," he added.

Even though Donald Trump lost the election, he won 71 million votes, leaving a deep divide behind him. "Even though voters knew who he is and the damage he has done," they voted for Trump.

President-elect Joe Biden narrowly defeated President Trump in the state of Georgia, and Trump won North Carolina, as the two final states were called on Friday, a week and a half after Election Day.

Biden now has 306 electoral votes and Trump has only 232. Biden became president-elect when he got Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes on November 7, passing the necessary 270-vote threshold.

Regarding the reasons why a great segment of the Americans voted for Trump, the professor believes these voters did not vote “out of ignorance but out of resentment at the liberal and urban and educated class that dominates” the United States’ political world.

The history professor also stated that, "The kind of America First (and to Hell with the rest of the world) nationalism represented by Trump has weakened the most powerful state in the world and made it an unreliable ally."

He anticipates that "the threat from the United States for Iran will be reduced once Trump leaves the White House as Joseph Biden is a centrist liberal, a man of the political establishment."

He says, "Biden will restore (or attempt to restore) the nuclear agreement with Tehran."

He concludes by saying that that politics will become duller in the United States, and the United States will be less erratic in the world; nonetheless, Biden and the liberals have no real and realizable solutions to the major problems of American society – including racism, the polarization of wealth, overweening corporate power, and climate change.


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