US death toll from coronavirus pandemic surges past 250,000

2020-11-19 18:25:04
US death toll from coronavirus pandemic surges past 250,000

The coronavirus pandemic in the United States reached another bleak record on Wednesday, with the country’s death toll surging past 250,000.

The quarter-million milestone is higher than the number of US military deaths in every conflict since the Korean War.

The once-unthinkable tally follows a series of alarming records across the US as the number of new cases and severe infections continues to skyrocket.

The number of coronavirus hospitalizations topped 76,000 on Tuesday, the highest figure since the pandemic began.

Also on Tuesday, nearly 160,000 more Americans tested positive for the virus and at least 1,707 deaths were confirmed, the highest daily death toll since May 14.

U.S. health officials worry that many people will violate health guidelines over the Thanksgiving holiday next week, potentially spreading the virus even further.

The U.S. death toll is the highest in the world and remains far ahead of Brazil’s nearly 167,000 deaths and India’s 131,000. No other country has recorded more than 100,000 deaths since the pandemic began.

The death toll is likely to explode through the winter, experts have warned.

A recent study found that the U.S. coronavirus death toll could double, to around 500,000, by the end of February.


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