Ending Yemen tragedy moral responsibility of entire world

2020-11-24 15:14:32
Ending Yemen tragedy moral responsibility of entire world

Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, has emphasized the need for an end to deadly Saudi-led attacks against Yemen and a political process to put an end to the conflict there, stating that the world community as a whole has a “moral responsibility” to help bring an end to the tragedy happening in the war-torn country and subsequently hold the aggressors accountable.

Zarif was responding on Monday to an earlier tweet by United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, which stated that Yemen was “in imminent danger of the worst famine” the world has seen in many decades and asked for “immediate action.”

The UN chief had also remarked, “I urge all those with influence to act urgently on these issues to stave off catastrophe, and I also request that everyone avoids taking any action that could make the already dire situation even worse.”

In response, the Iranian foreign minister emphasized the international community’s responsibility to help facilitate an immediate end to the Saudi-led war on Yemen.

“Enough is enough! It is a moral responsibility, long overdue, for int’l community to end Yemen tragedy. And hold invaders—and their masters trading Yemeni lives for $—to account,” Zarif said in response to the UN chief’s comments.

“Only viable path is ceasefire+end to bombardments; urgent humanitarian aid; and political talks,” the Iranian diplomat noted.

Meanwhile, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) similarly warned that the lives of thousands of Yemeni children are at risk as a result of the ongoing conflict there.

“As Yemen slowly inches towards what the UN Secretary-General has described as potentially ‘the worst famine in decades,’ the risk to children’s lives is higher than ever. The warning signs have been clear for far too long,” UNICEF remarked in an official statement on Monday.


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