Trump and his Republican allies continue to contest US election results

2020-12-02 13:09:46
Trump and his Republican allies continue to contest US election results

Outgoing US President Donald Trump and his allies continue to contest the results of the presidential election, and current and former US election officials are expressing frustration at Trump’s accusations against election fraud.

Nearly one month after Joe Biden was declared the president-elect, Trump is refusing to concede his loss, claiming there was widespread fraud in the election.

Trump’s lawyers and other Republicans are filing more lawsuits in battleground states like Georgia, in an attempt to reverse Biden’s victory.

Gabriel Sterling, an election official in the US state of Georgia, on Tuesday called on Trump to “stop inspiring" recent threats of violence against election officials as the state finishes a second recount of the presidential election.

Sterling was visibly angry as he admonished Trump and his fellow Republicans for not only undermining the US election, but also not condemning violent threats against his and other election officials.

“This has to stop,” he said, his voice rising and sometimes shaking. “We need you to step up, and if you’re going to take a position of leadership, show some.”

Sterling also directed his anger at Georgia’s two senators in Congress, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, who and have called on Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to resign over claims that he mishandled the election.

Trump last week called Raffensperger an “enemy of the people,” Sterling noted.

One of Trump’s lawyers publicly said this week that former top election security official, Christopher Krebs, should be shot dead for rejecting Trump’s claims that there was widespread fraud in the US election.

Krebs was fired by Trump fired last month after he claimed the agency he used to lead ensured the US election “was the most secure in US history.”


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