Muslim scholars urge boycott of French products over Islamophobia

2020-12-05 18:52:22
Muslim scholars urge boycott of French products over Islamophobia

A number of top Muslim scholars have called for a boycott of French goods after Paris launched a “massive and unprecedented” attack against Muslims in the European country, targeting 76 mosques suspected of “separatism”.

In a statement released Friday, the religious scholars pointed to the recent Islamophobic moves in France and urged that products made in France should be boycotted.

Following its support for the desecration of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Paris is has now launched an attack on mosques, the statement read.

The statement added that raiding Muslim homes, frightening Muslim children, and interrogating Muslim citizens under the pretext of fighting terrorism just because they refuse to defend insulting of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) are among other anti-Islam measures taken by the government of France.

Head of the International Union of Muslim Scholars Ahmad al-Raysuni, Ethipian scholar Muhammad al-Hassan al-Dodu, Moroccan scholar al-Hassan al-Kattani, Egyptian Islamic theologian Yusuf al-Qaradawi, and Jordanian Muslim figure Ihsan al-Utaibi are among those signing the statement.

It came after French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said the government has launched a “massive and unprecedented” wave of measures to combat what it calls religious “extremism”.

He added that 76 mosques are suspected of “separatism”.

On October 20, France ordered the temporary closure of a mosque outside Paris as part of a crackdown on people who are suspected of inciting hatred, after the killing of teacher Samuel Paty, who had shown his class offensive caricatures of Prophet Muhammad.

In October, French President Emmanuel Macron laid out a plan to tackle what he termed “Islamist separatism”, as he described Islam as a religion in crisis across the world – comments that angered Muslims in France and across the world.

France is home to the largest Muslim population in Europe, and some fear being collectively punished after a series of attacks in recent months.


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