5th anniversary of Zaria massacre in Nigeria marked in Iran city of Qom

2020-12-15 10:35:11
5th anniversary of Zaria massacre in Nigeria marked in Iran city of Qom

The fifth anniversary of the Zaria massacre in Nigeria was marked in Iran's holy city of Qom in the presence of the family of Sheikh "Ibrahim Zakzaky", the leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, and in the presence of a group of thinkers from the Islamic world.

The representative of Sheikh Zakzaky in Iran, Mohammad Hassan Shojaeifard, delivered a virtual speech at a webinar on Saturday, which was attended by Muslim scholars to commemorate the victims of the tragedy.

"Sheikh Zakzaky was able to attract 25 million people, of which 15 million are Shiites and 5 million are Sunni Muslims and 3 million Christians and two million non-believers," Shojaeifard said.

"He was able to train millions of soldiers for the Resistance Front, and the World Al-Quds Day march in Nigeria was attended by 2 million Shiites, Sunnis, Christians and non-believers," he added.

He said that Sheikh Zakzaky is so popular in Nigeria that the current president of Nigeria came to Sheikh Zakzaky before the election in 2014 and took a photo with the leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria in order to get more votes from the people.

The representative of Sheikh Zakzaky said that United States could not tolerate so many Shiites in Nigeria, so the Nigerian military attacked the Quds Day rallies in the West African country, which resulted in the martyrdom of thirty people, including three of Sheikh Zakzaky's sons.

Scholars in Qom described the Nigerian government as the puppet of Saudi Arabia, the US and Israel.

Five years have passed since hundreds of Muslims were killed in a massacre in the Nigerian city of Zaria.

The incident took place when the Nigerian army stormed a religious ceremony, organized by Nigeria's Islamic Movement, which represents the Shia Muslim minority in the country.

In the massacre, which took place in Kaduna State in 2015, at least 348 civilians were killed and 347 bodies were secretly buried, according to official tally. The real death toll is said to be much higher.

Sheikh Zakzaky, who is in his mid-sixties, and his wife, sustained serious injuries during the raid and was detained. The attack also left three of his sons dead.

Followers of Sheikh Zakzaky marked the anniversary of the massacre with a huge protest in Abuja.

The protesters demanded the immediate and unconditional release of Sheikh and his wife Malama Zeenah, who are in unlawful detention.


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