Iranian president urges closer ties with African countries

2020-12-16 11:30:12
Iranian president urges closer ties with African countries

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says the Islamic Republic’s policy has been to enhance relations with African countries, including Tunisia and Uganda.

The new ambassadors of Tunisia and Uganda to Tehran met with the Iranian president on Tuesday to submit their credentials.

In the meeting with the Tunisian envoy, Rouhani hailed Tunisia for supporting Iran in international organizations against the US government’s sanctions.

He also called for the promotion of relations with the North African state in all fields, saying Tunisia could become Iran’s gateway to Africa and Europe.

In the other meeting, with Uganda’s incoming ambassador, Rouhani said Tehran is prepared to share its scientific and technical experiences with Kampala.

“The government of Iran will encourage Iranian companies, particularly the corporations active in the industrial, scientific and technological sectors, to participate in construction and infrastructural projects in Uganda,” Rouhani added.

The administration of Rouhani, whose term ends in spring 2021, says it has shaped its foreign policy on the basis of constructive interaction with the world.


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