Iran, Turkey should use their geostrategic potential to confront Zionism

2020-12-20 15:11:57
Iran, Turkey should use their geostrategic potential to confront Zionism

Dogan Bekin, vice president of the New Welfare Party in Turkey, says he believes that Tehran and Ankara must use their “geostrategic potential” to battle global Zionism.

Adding that the stability of Iran is equivalent to the stability of Turkey and the entire region, Bekin argues that “Iran and Turkey must use their geostrategic potential to eliminate the threat of global Zionism.”

The following is the entire text of the interview conducted and published by the Tehran Times:

“Q: What is your comment on the purpose of the poem Erdogan recited during a parade in Baku on December 10? Why did it lead to misunderstanding?

A: Erdogan recited a poem during a parade in Baku, especially in a sensitive period that we have enemies who are waiting to exploit any opportunity to undermine Turkey-Iran ties, especially the Zionist-minded global powers.

I think Mr. Erdogan should avoid any kind of attitudes and behaviors that may create a potential crisis, especially when global forces make every effort to divide us, and instead of using provocative language which may affect Iran-Turkey relations, we must use converging and unifying language to achieve our common ambitions.

The poem that Mr. Erdogan recited during the Baku parade was actually written for the purpose of condemning the Russian invasion, and reading a few selected couplets instead of reading this poem in a holistic manner, of course, distorted the meaning and led to misunderstanding.

Q: How was the reaction of Turkish media to Iranian media and Foreign Minister Zarif’s stance toward Erdogan’s remarks in the Baku parade?

It is always possible to find malicious voices that turn the subject of poetry into an opportunity trying to find a basis for separating policies and damage the relations between the two countries. The important thing is that common understanding prevails, while Zionist forces want to take advantage to spoil ties of Iran and Turkey. Therefore, we think silence is better in such a sensitive period.

Here we need to see the actual totality, Turkey and Iran’s historical ties necessitate being two strong countries in the region.

It is of course possible for them to solve this misunderstanding and similar problems that may arise between them through common understanding and diplomacy, and we all have a great duty to eliminate the negative atmosphere that foreign powers try to create through the media.

It is to be taken into consideration that a weak Turkey and Iran helps imperialist global forces to reinforce their oppressive policies.

For example, Fahmi Adak, the Turkish foreign minister in Najmuddin Erbakan’s government, made a remark in response to the Americans' stance against Iran, which contains important lessons for us.

Fahim Adak arrived in the United States in January 1997 at the invitation of U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Robert E. on behalf of the Welfare State, and participated in a tripartite meeting with Madeleine Jana Korbel Albright.

Adak used the opportunity to convey the economic policies of the Welfare government to the American side.

In this regard, Madeleine Albright expressed her deep displeasure over Turkey's policy of buying gas from Iran.

Fahim Adak told the American secretary of state "In Turkey, we get natural gas from the Russian Federation. You also have problems with them on a large scale, but it didn’t bother you, while the natural gas we buy from Iran annoys you. We are acting in Turkish economic interests.”

“We buy natural gas wherever we find it at affordable prices,” he emphasized. “We can get it from Iran, Russia, or other places.”

After Adak’s response Madeleine Albright could find no further words for these remarks and simply said, “You are right.”

Q: What is Turkey’s position toward pan-Turk separatists?

Here we understand the Turkish government's attitude towards Iran's territorial integrity and independence. As the Welfare Party, we want to state that we prioritize the respect to independence and territorial integrity of Iran, in line with our national vision.

Separatist approaches are only in line with the desire for foreign powers and policy of "divide and rule".

The policy of domination, which the Zionists are trying to impose on the region by promoting the separatist tribalist attitudes, will lead to division and ethnic strife they want to plant among Muslims. But these attempts will eventually face the fate of the Berlin Wall.

As Gianni de Michelis said, "The Berlin Wall was a building from the last century; the next structure must be a bridge."

Here, in the words of the "bridge" of Gianni de Michelis, our greatest wish is that the Aras River be a bridge, not a separation.

Q: How do you evaluate Biden’s attitudes toward Turkey?

Biden is expected to do the same with Turkey which Obama followed. He is probably trying to bring Turkey closer to Israel.

Albeit his main goal would be an insidious policy to redesign the Middle East (West Asia) through Israel.

Biden, based on the Zionist policies, is keen to follow the policy of separatism and division to deal with countries like Turkey, Iraq, and Syria. He will certainly make every effort to reach these goals.

Turkey and Iran have great responsibilities in this regard.

Arbakan’s words about Iran were correct as he said: "It is time to take the lead from them the Zionists by economic power that we have gained in collaborating with our ally Iran".

So, the best response is the geographical power balance.

The U.S. policy toward the Middle East (West Asian) is not only unfair but also has severely affected Iran and Turkey.

There are great lessons to be learned from the long-standing sanctions against Iran.

The United States has gained its economic and hegemonic superiority through threatening oil-rich (Persian) Gulf states.

Iran and Turkey must use their geostrategic potential to eliminate the threat of global Zionism.

The stability of Iran is equivalent to the stability of Turkey. To achieve this goal, the unity of regional power is needed more than ever.

Economic, political, and security cooperation between Iran and Turkey is needed to improve the strategic position of both countries."


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