Many Americans remain angry and defiant over US election result: Report

2020-12-28 21:17:17
Many Americans remain angry and defiant over US election result: Report

Weeks after the US election was held and Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden was declared the winner against Republican President Donald Trump, many Americans remain angry, defiant and despairing.

Tens of millions of Americans, including about 77 percent of Republican voters, now believe Trump’s claims that the US election was rigged and he was the rightful winner.

“Elections are meant to resolve arguments, but this one inflamed them,” The Associated Press said in a report on Monday. “Millions now harbor new grievances borne of Trump's claims of election fraud.”

Many Democrats are saddened by election results which revealed that Republicans were far more powerful than they imagined, the AP report said.

The 2020 US presidential election also exposed that shaking foundations of US democracy, which were magnified by partisan rancor, disinformation, a president's assault on democracy and a deadly coronavirus pandemic.

At the end of 2020, many Americans say the experiences of the past four years have made them look at their neighbors, and their country, in a different light.

“I think the election was totally paid for and rigged by the Democrats. I believe there was huge amounts of fraud and representation and illegal processing,” said Pamela Allen, a 72-year-old retiree from Holiday, Florida.

Lori Goldman, an activist from Birmingham, Michigan, called Trump and his policies a “cancer” that has spread to all part of the American society.

“We got rid of this blight, this cancer,” said Goldman, 61. “We cut him out. But we know that cancer has spread, it’s spread to soft tissue, other organs. And now we have to save the rest of the body.”

Trump isn’t gone, not really, she said. She is horrified at the number of Americans who believe his unsubstantiated claims of widespread voter fraud. “That’s a dangerous, dangerous place to be in,” she said. “This country is in a lot of trouble.”

Goldman can't understand why 74 million Americans voted for Trump. She went on national television and said she was ashamed that most of her own relatives were among them. Now some of her siblings don’t want to talk to her anymore.

She said this is no longer Republicans versus Democrats. It has splintered families and friends.


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