Nigeria-born US artist Justin Ugonna slams rape allegations

2020-12-30 13:13:36
Nigeria-born US artist Justin Ugonna slams rape allegations

Nigeria-born American artist Justin Ugonna has threatened to file a lawsuit against his female who alleges she was raped.

The African American artist and entrepreneur was called out on Twitter by a young woman who accused him of statutory rape that happened in 2016.

She claimed Justin coerced girls and make them “do things” with him. She also alleged that the artist had made out with her after a party in 2016 when she was 14, claiming he was 16 at the time.

Justin took to his Twitter handle on Tuesday to deny the allegations by the yet-to-be-identified accuser.

African Americans are blamed for crimes they didn't commit: Experts

Experts say falsely reporting African Americans for crimes is rooted in the ingrained racism that has existed in American society for generations.

African Americans make up 49% of wrongful convictions since 1989, according to data collected by The National Registry of Exonerations (NRE). By contrast, 37% of whites and 12% of Hispanics were wrongfully convicted during the same time period.

The same data shows that black people were seven times more likely to be falsely convicted of murder than white people, three and a half times more likely to be innocent when accused of sexual assault because of misidentification and 12 times more likely to be wrongfully convicted in drug cases.


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