Trump says he will ''fight like hell'' to stay in White House

2021-01-05 13:32:39
Trump says he will ''fight like hell'' to stay in White House

Outgoing US Donald Trump declared he would “fight like hell” to hold on to the presidency amid growing desperation, and appealed to Republican members of Congress to reverse his election loss to incoming President Joe Biden.

Trump made the remarks during a rally Monday night in Dalton, Georgia. The announced purpose for the trip was to boost Republican Senate candidates in Tuesday's runoff election,

But he spent much of his speech complaining bitterly about his election loss, which he insists he won “by a lot.”

Electoral voters won by Biden are "not gonna take this White House!” he shouted as supporters cheered.

Trump also repeated numerous times his claims of election fraud, which have been rejected by election officials — Republican as well as Democratic — and the US Supreme Court. His former attorney general, William Barr, also has said there is no evidence of fraud that could change the election outcome.

Earlier in Washington, he urged Republicans in Congress to formally reject Biden's election victory on November 3. At a joint session of Congress on Wednesday, lawmakers will confirm Biden's victory in the Electoral College.

US states run their own elections, and Congress has been reluctant to interfere. However, a coalition of 11 Republican senators have vowed to reject the Electoral College tallies unless Congress launches a commission to immediately conduct an audit of the election results.

Trump’s latest attempt to overturn the presidential election came despite an outpouring of condemnation from current and former party officials warning the effort is undermining Americans’ faith in democracy.

All 10 living former defense secretaries wrote in an op-ed that "the time for questioning the results has passed."

With Biden set to be inaugurated January 20, Trump is intensifying efforts to prevent the traditional transfer of power. The challenge to the presidential election is on a scale unseen since the aftermath of the US Civil War, which took place from 1861 to 1865.

Biden, speaking at a drive-in rally in Atlanta, said Trump “spends more time whining and complaining” than he does working on solving the coronavirus pandemic. He added dismissively, “I don’t know why he still wants the job — he doesn’t want to do the work.”


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