Kenyan woman in UAE feeds jobless fellow Kenyans

2021-01-05 18:02:16
Kenyan woman in UAE feeds jobless fellow Kenyans

A Kenyan woman residing in the UAE has been making food and distributing it for free to fellow Kenyans living in the UAE who have unfortunately lost their jobs during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Wangeci Waruire was working as a driver for Dubai Taxi when the pandemic began and destroyed countless jobs and even more unfortunately lives all around the world.

"I had to resign back in October 2019 after months of minimal earnings because Terminal One at the main airport was closed and we earn from commissions," she told reporters.

Mrs. Waruire, who is the mother of three, noticed that so many other people were out of job and thought of trying her best to ease their strain by providing large quantities of free food for fellow Kenyans:

"My husband who was still working started buying me the ingredients and I started making food that I would pack and share photos on Facebook for people in my neighborhood to come and pick," she remarked.

Mrs. Waruire makes around 20-25 plates of quite delicious food twice a week.

She has been the recipient of the award of Best Dubai Taxi driver.


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