Moving at least 11 minutes a day can help you live longer: Study

2021-01-07 14:31:22
Moving at least 11 minutes a day can help you live longer: Study

There is no denying that the global coronavirus pandemic has encouraged many people to sit more and move less, despite numerous studies showing the health risks of prolonged sitting.

But there is good news. Despite all that sedentary time, with as little as 11 minutes of movement a day, you can increase your life span, a recent study has found.

Past studies, including a popular study from 2016, had originally put the daily exercise target at 60 to 75 minutes for mortality benefits. However, that study was based on self-reported data, which this latest study, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, found to be flawed due to people misremembering their actual activity levels.

Taking a more objective approach, scientists at the Norwegian School of Sports Medicine based their research on the use of activity monitors to track exercise versus sedentary time.

The results showed that participants who exercised 35 minutes per day saw the biggest statistical difference on life span. Yet just 11 minutes of moderate exercise — equivalent to a brisk walk — still had a noticeable positive impact.

What's more, both time frames were positively impactful, regardless of the amount of sitting.

While 35 minutes of exercise daily is better for your health, a lower barrier to entry makes it easier to get even the most inactive among us moving — and still increasing your life span.

The simplest way is with a walk outside or on the treadmill at your local gym. Walking is one of the best exercises.

With winter weather keeping people inside and Covid regulations limiting access to public gyms, though, more creative, accessible means may be necessary to effectively get in your 11 minutes at home. Below are a few ways to consider.


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