Sudanese protesters burn Israeli flag, blast normalization of ties

2021-01-18 16:36:30
Sudanese protesters burn Israeli flag, blast normalization of ties

Demonstrators in Sudan have burned the Israeli flag in the capital Khartoum to protest the North African nation’s recent normalization deal with the Israeli regime.

Dozens of Sudanese protesters gathered outside the cabinet offices on Sunday and chanted anti-Israel slogans to express their opposition to the normalization deal, which was signed earlier in January.

The demonstrators, who said they belonged to an anti-normalization group, carried banners that read “normalization is betrayal” and “normalization is a crime”.

They also carried banners that read “down with Abraham accords” and “Abraham Accords are American blackmail in exchange for submission.”

On January 6, Sudan’s Justice Minister Nasredeen Abdulbari signed the so-called Abraham Accords with visiting US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, officially agreeing to normalize ties with the Israeli regime.

The normalization deal was immediately denounced by political parties in Sudan, followed by angry protesters taking to the streets to condemn the decision.

“The agreement allows Sudan, Israel and other signers of the Abraham Accords to build mutual trust and increase cooperation in the region,” the US embassy in Khartoum said at the time.

The deal came less than a month after Washington officially removed Sudan from its blacklist of state sponsors of terrorism, 27 years after the US placed the African country on its blacklist.

Back in October, US President Donald Trump announced plans to delist Sudan from the blacklist, sending a notice to Congress on October 26, which gave Congress 45 days to object to the presidential directive.

By signing the so-called Abraham Accords, Sudan became the third Arab country since August — after the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain — to officially agree, under US pressure, to a normalization deal with the regime in Tel Aviv.

Meanwhile, Palestinians strongly denounced Sudan’s move as a betrayal of their cause.

In a statement, the resistance movement Hamas said the move has shocked Palestinians, Arab and Muslim nations, and freedom-loving people of the world.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has also protested the normalization deals, saying they will be fruitless as long as the US and the Israeli regime do not recognize the rights of the Palestinian people.


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