Senegalese student who went missing in France

2021-02-03 22:03:40
Senegalese student who went missing in France

Diary Sow disappearance in France has caused concern in both countries.

The talented young pupil won twice her country’s annual “best pupil” award that resulted in shooting to fame last year, when her first novel, Sous Le Visage d'un Ange (The Face of an Angel), was published in Paris.

The first disappearance alarm was raised by a Senegalese students' association in early January when she did not appear at Louis-Le-Grand after the Christmas break.

Sow was reported missing on January 7 by the Senegalese consulate in Paris followed by French police opening disappearance days later.

The young girl claimed taking "a little break to regain my senses" and apologized for the alarm it caused.

Sow said she was surprised and sorry for the distress her disappearance had caused.

In extracts of the communication Sow asked her mentor "to reassure the people who are looking for me. I am fine, I am safe. Know that I am terribly, deeply sorry," she added, “I am not hiding. I am not running away. Consider this a kind of healthy respite in my life.”

However, the unusual disappearance of young and brilliant African student studying aboard is yet to be explained.

Highlighting the fact that France has been facing a student despair since the pandemic. The national and international youth students have been addressed as the plight of pandemic’s ‘lost generation’.


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