Racist US lawmaker Marjorie Taylor Greene made anti-Muslim remarks

2021-02-04 20:54:42
Racist US lawmaker Marjorie Taylor Greene made anti-Muslim remarks

Members of the US House pf Representatives will vote on Thursday on whether to remove Republican lawmaker Marjorie Taylor Greene from two committees in the lower chamber of Congress.

Before she won a US House seat representing a district in the US state of Georgia last year, she was known to have made a number of racist, anti-semitic and anti-Muslim statements on social media.

She also promoted a host of conspiracy theories, including the since-debunked QAnon theory that a “deep state” operated against Donald Trump when he was president.

Democrats have heaped pressure on House Republican leaders to boot Greene from the House Education and Labor Committee.

Republican rank and file members reportedly have little appetite to vote to punish one of their own for things she may have done or said before she entered Congress.

Greene, 46, has remained a remorseless firebrand in her one month in the House.

She backs Trump’s baseless claims that the election was stolen, mocks lawmakers for wearing masks, and seeks to dodge security screening following the deadly January 6 US Capitol riot.


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