Vitamin D could cut risk of coronavirus death by 60%: Study

2021-02-15 19:28:09
Vitamin D could cut risk of coronavirus death by 60%: Study

Vitamin D could cut the risk of death from Covid-19 by 60 per cent, according to new research, twice as effective as the steroid dexamethasone.

According to researchers from the University of Barcelona, patients hospitalized with coronavirus who were given an intensive dose of vitamin D were significantly less likely to go to the intensive care unit (ICU) or to die.

The study found that 10 percent of patients admitted to Hospital del Mar in Barcelona with coronavirus died within 30 days.

But just 6.5 percent of those treated with an intensive dose of vitamin D - known as calcifediol - died.

The researchers found that earlier treatment was better. If given on admission to intensive care, the treatment made no difference.

Vitamin D is produced inside the body when you are exposed to sunlight, but in the winter people are advised to take supplements.

A number of studies have linked adequate levels of vitamin D to better Covid outcomes.

There has been growing speculation that one of the reasons why black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities are so disproportionately impacted by coronavirus is endemic low levels of Vitamin D in BAME populations.

The vitamin is produced naturally in the body when skin comes into contact with sunshine and is vital for healthy bones, strong muscles and a good immune system. But not as much sunlight can penetrate darker skins, meaning less of the vitamin is produced.


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