Iran's trade with Africa worth over $180 million: Data

2021-02-16 12:51:21
Iran's trade with Africa worth over $180 million: Data

Iran's trade with the African continent in the first seven months of the Iranian calendar year was nearly 960,000 tons, worth over $180 million, according to Iranian Customs data.

Iran had trade with 27 African countries this year, despite US sanctions against Tehran and the coronavirus pandemic, said Seyyed Ruhollah Latifi, a spokesman for Iran’s Customs agency.

He said the share of Iranian exports to Africa was 951,549 tons, equal to just over $160 million, while the amount of Iranian imports from Africa was 8,300 tons, worth $20 million.

The spokesman said most of Iran's imports from Africa came from Zimbabwe, followed by Ghana and South Africa. Most of Iran’s exports were destined for Zimbabwe, followed by Ghana and Kenya.

Among Iran's major export items were dairy products, dates, cement, steel, aluminum, construction equipment, glass, pistachios, medical equipment, seeds and oily fruits.

Among the main imports were vegetable oils, chlorine, automobile parts, collage pads, packaging containers, medical equipment, sesame seeds, tobacco and industrial sheets.

Experts say trade and economic cooperation between Iran and African nations are far less than the capacities and mutual interests of the two sides.

They say the main obstacles for trade between Iran and Africa is the lack of direct sea and air transportation infrastructures, high marketing and transportation costs.

Iran accounted for just 0.12% of Africa’s total trade with the world last year, according to Fars News Agency.


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