Iran rejects US claims that two nations had direct talks over US prisoners

2021-02-22 19:02:49
Iran rejects US claims that two nations had direct talks over US prisoners

Iran has rejected US claims that Tehran and Washington have begun direct talks over American prisoners in Iran and vice versa.

The spokesman of the Iranian Foreign Ministry said on Sunday that there has been no direct talks between the two countries on any matter.

Speaking in a televised interview on Sunday, Saeed Khatibzadeh said there were a number of Iranian prisoners in the United States who have been detained on false charges without going through due process, and securing their freedom had been always a priority for the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The spokesman, however, denied any direct contacts with the United States over the situation of prisoners under the new US administration, noting that some messages regarding this issue have been exchanged with American officials via the Swiss embassy in Tehran, which serves as the US interests section, or foreign ministers of other countries.

He once again categorically denied any direct talks with the administration of President Joe Biden over Iranian prisoners in the US or American prisoners in Iran.

"Our policy is to secure freedom of our countries' prisoners in the United States and we are ready for this issue, but we have had no direct talks with the United States," he said.

Earlier on Sunday, the White House national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, said Washington had begun communication with Tehran over the detention of American citizens.

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