God promises immeasurable reward for patience in the face of suffering

2021-02-24 12:38:39
God promises immeasurable reward for patience in the face of suffering

One the prayers that Muslims are encouraged to recite daily in the Islamic month of Rajab is a prayer that we ask God to grant us the highest levels of patience.

All humans face problems and suffering in life, but we must know that God will offer reward for the calamities and troubles that believers suffer in the world.

There has been a great emphasis in Islam about the reward of patience in the face of adversity and that a world without suffering is only in our imagination.

To reach the highest levels of faith and spirituality, Muslims must be constantly grateful to Allah, even when they are in pain and grief.

In the holy Quran, chapter 90, verse 4, Allah says: “We created man in suffering.”

This verse makes it clear that hardship is a reality of this universe and that difficulties and comforts coexist.

God has promised to offer great rewards in the Day of Resurrection for believers who have patience in the face of adversity.

Quran considers the reward of such patience to be immeasurable and incalculable.

The Abrahamic religions have taught us that tragedy is part of life and humans must learn to cope with it properly in order to grow and please their Lord.

In Islamic narrations, the highest level of patience is considered to be that when the means of sin are available but we resist and turn a blind eye to the pleasures of those sins.

Few subjects can be found in the Quran that have been repeated and emphasized like patience.

Patience has been mentioned about 70 times in the holy book, more than ten of which are dedicated to the person of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).


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