The rewards and blessings of fasting in Rajab for Muslims

2021-03-01 20:22:16
The rewards and blessings of fasting in Rajab for Muslims

Rajab is the seventh month of the Islamic calendar and one of the four sacred months in Islam. One of the good deeds highly recommended in this month is fasting.

Regarding the value of the month of Rajab, Prophet Mohammad sais in a narration: Rajab is the holy month of God in which the rain of his mercy falls upon his servants.

Fasting on any day of this month is regarded as very valuable and rewarding. Many Muslims who had achieved the higher levels of righteousness and piety fasted the whole month.

Rajab and Shaban are a prelude to the holy month of Ramaḍan, when fasting is mandatory for Muslims.

The physical, mental and spiritual benefits of fasting have been emphasized in the Quean over 14 centuries ago and proven by modern science.

The importance of month of Rajab in Islam

It is well known in Islam that God has ordained some months to be more sacred than others. One of these sacred and beautiful times is the blessed month of Rajab.

In this month, Allah multiplies the reward of good deeds, and forgives the sins of those who repent.

This is a month which Muslims can achieve immense blessings and spirituality.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and his infallible household advised their followers to pray and fast frequently in this month.

The Prophet said in a narration that whoever fasts one day from the end of Rajab, God will protect him from the hardships of death, from fear of after death, and from the torment of the grave. And whoever fasts the last two days of this month, he will enter paradise. And whoever fast the last three days of this month, he will be safe from the great terror of the Day of Judgment and from the hardships of that day, and they will grant you freedom from the fire of Hell.

Fasting has been prescribed to all Muslims as a form of religious obligation for overcoming their lust and desires. and prevent becoming a slave to their appetites.

The Quran states that if humans cannot prevent themselves from desires then they cannot achieve salvation.


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