Leopold II: The Congolese Killer

2021-03-06 08:20:09
Leopold II: The Congolese Killer

Leopold II, the most cruel leader of the Gilded Age, implemented a forced-labor system in Congo that was quickly copied by other European colonial powers until today.

An estimated 15 million Africans died as a result of Leopold II brutal governance under the name of "Humanitarian Project".

The attempts of converting Congolese nation into "civilized Christians" resulted in a genocide of 50% of Congo's children, women and men.

The Gilded Age was an era of rapid economic growth in the Northern and Western United States.

On the other hand, Congo had three of the most expensive resources of that time; Rubber, gold and ivory. But very soon, these resources became Leopold II private property since 1885.

For the next 23 years all natives were forced to dig up gold, kill elephants for ivory, and harvest rubber.

Forced labor and extreme mental and physical torture was done against their will within their own country with treat of destitution, detention, violence including death, compulsion and other forms of extreme hardship.

Anyone who got in his way was done away with execution or imprisonment.

His massacres were beyond his sadist and greed behavior, such as this man named Nsala staring at the chopped off limbs of his 5-year old daughter because he failed to get enough rubber on that day.

The democratic republic of Congo has called for compensation over the ills of colonization and reparations for harm done during decades of colonial rule in East African nations.

However, the only form of compensation received is Belgian King Philippe "deepest regrets" over his nation’s colonial past in the Congo.

The European nation may seemed to be confronting its brutal past as lawmakers had agreed to set up a panel to look at Belgium’s colonial history in Congo, Rwanda and Burundi but this has remained undone since August 2020....


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