The missing princess

2021-03-06 10:58:11
The missing princess

Princess Latifa's story is exposing the reality of what life is like for women in the UAE.

The only crime the missing princess did was to stand against the oppressed system.

Women freedom in the UAE is totally permissible until the key male in their life wants them to be subordinate.

Then women are left with no choice.

Princess Latifa wasn’t allowed to travel and study outside Dubai. A minder or male guardian trailed her everywhere.

Princess Latifa refused that. The young woman wanted to be free and had dreams of becoming a sky diving instructor and to travel the world unlike what her father wanted her to be.

However, she dared to act anyway. As a result, he kidnapped her, disappeared her and until today, no one knows where the princess is at the moment.

The discrepancy on the facade Dubai gives to the world and the reality at home are far from being alike.

The country hypocrisy lies in being a liberal oasis in a repressive environment just like its neighbor country Saudi Arabia is repressive as it comes.

One of the ugly reality behind that pretty facade of the liberal playground of Dubai is the extend one can put it life at risk by simple acts such as criticizing the government. One can get locked up often up to 10 years.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is a utterly cruel father, willing to kidnap his own daughter who ties to flee, and lock her up.

Will history repeat itself ?

Given that he has lost his custody battle in the UK in part because of his treatment on his older daughter worries about what he might do in retaliation against princess Latifa.

Princess Haya has been in hiding with her children in London for months.

Dubai, a liberal playground surrounded by world-class infrastructure, luxury shopping malls, a skyscraper-filled skyline and a large expatriate population.

However, has extremely poor human rights record.

The United Arab Emirates laws prioritizes men when it comes to marriage, divorce and custody of children.

Domestic violence is still permitted...


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