What is happening in Senegal?

2021-03-07 10:46:22

Ousmane Sonko, the official opposition leader was arrested in Dakar on Wednesday for the rape charges against him in February.

According to his lawyer Khouraissy, Sonko was due to appear in court but an arrest warrant was issued before he reached the courthouse.

Due to that, hundreds of his opposition followers had followed his motorcade on the way to the court. This resulted in violence between the citizen and the police as police officers tried to disperse them by firing tear gas canisters.

According to him, the accusation of rape is an “attempt at political liquidation,”

The Pastef party leader denied the charges and accused the president Macky Sall of conspiring to remove him ahead of the 2024 elections.

However, The President Sall claims there hasn't been any political interference in the cases.

The former president since 2012, had been reelected in 2019 has so far not shared any further information on reports that he might seek a third term in 2024.


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