Joe Biden seeks to pursue American imperialism in Africa

2021-03-14 21:22:43

The United States deployed the first naval ship to Eastern Africa in over a decade, in what is a pointer to a new approach by the Joe Biden administration, which appears to be intent on using military power to pursue American imperialism in Africa.

The Expeditionary Sea Base USS Hershel 'Woody' Williams has recently been deployed along the Eastern and Horn of Africa coastal region, underscoring Washington’s renewed military adventurism in Africa.

Experts say the US has been losing "strategic" ground in Africa to countries like China, Russia, India and others during the administration of Former President Donald Trump.

Nigerian political and public affairs analyst Abdulrahman Abu Hamisu said Biden would be better off if he followed Trump's hands-off approach to Africa, arguing that more US involvement in the continent would escalate tensions in the region.

Trump, through his policies, words and actions, tarnished America’s image abroad, not least his reported dismissal of African countries in highly derogatory terms.

Examples of how Trump steamrolled norms, and thereby tarnished the view of the US, are too many to write in one article.

Biden takes over in the White House with the knowledge that the world no longer respects the United States in the same way.

And this could have implications for governance across the continent. African leader no longer hold the US in awe and will find it easier to dismiss concerns about human rights violations and democratic processes.


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