The significance of Fridays in Islam in the eyes of God

2021-03-25 22:40:48
The significance of Fridays in Islam in the eyes of God

Friday was chosen by God as a dedicated day of worship in Islam. While there is no special place or special time to worship God, there are moments, days, or times that God has made more superior; Friday is one of those times.

In many predominantly Muslim countries Friday is a weekly holiday, sometimes combined with either Thursday or Saturday. However, there is no mandatory closing of businesses.

Jumu'ah, the arabic word for Friday, is the holiest day of the week in Islam. Many Muslims take special care in wearing clean clothes, bathing, and preparing special meals on this day.

From the narrations of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, we learn that the best day in the sight of God is Friday.

On this day, the blessing of good deeds is doubled by Allah and the sin of bad deeds is also doubled, so activities such as reciting the Holy Quran, visiting family and relatives, and other form of worship are emphasized.

Holding Friday prayers is also one of the most important deed that Muslims are encouraged to observe on this day.

Visiting the graves of family members is also emphasized on Thursday and Friday evenings, which serves as a reminder that a cemetery will be our final destination in life.

According to verses and narrations, the 12th Imam, Mahdi, will appear on a Friday, and those who are waiting for his appearance pray that it will take place as soon as possible and that they will be among his soldiers.

Mahdi is believed to be the prophesied redeemer who will bring peace and justice to the world. He was born in 969 A.D. in Iraq and is believed to be still living in occultation and will rise to rid the world of tyranny and injustice.


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