Coronavirus vaccinations prove Israel’s medical apartheid

2021-03-31 14:25:16
Coronavirus vaccinations prove Israel’s medical apartheid

Israel has been boasting that its rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine has been the most successful in the world and that it has inoculated a higher percentage of its population than any other nation.

What Israel has kept quiet is that they're only counting their Jewish population; the Palestinians living under Israeli occupation have been purposely excluded from receiving the vaccine.

Currently, countries throughout the world are buying up stocks of the COVID-19 vaccine in order to inoculate their populations after a year of lockdowns and restrictions.

There are several vaccines being developed like the Sputnik vaccine collaboration under Russia or the Pfizer vaccine, which is the one that Israel has been buying up.

Israel made a deal for an undisclosed amount with Pfizer, which would also provide the pharmaceutical giant with data and health information about its population.

Israel began rolling out the vaccine, in December 2020, which requires that each person take two shots, three weeks apart. Israel, of course, never misses a chance to show off and Netanyahu has probably been boasting about how fast he was able to secure so many doses of the vaccine and administer them to his population.

The media has also been singing Israel's praises, citing it as an example of efficiency. The New York Times wrote that Israel has become a world leader in vaccinating against COVID-19, and it's true, if you look at the figures, Israel has a higher rate of inoculation than anyone else.

The problem is, those numbers are lying and do not include the 5 million Palestinians living under Israel's illegal occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.

Medical apartheid towards the Palestinian people

The Guardian first reported, on 3 January 2021, how Israel transports batches of the Pfizer vaccine deep into the West Bank, but they are only distributed to Jewish settlers and not the roughly 2.7 million Palestinians living around them, who may have to wait for weeks or months.

According to the BBC, Palestinians living in East Jerusalem, which is also under illegal occupation, are entitled to be vaccinated as they are considered residents; however Palestinians living in the West Bank or in Gaza, being illegally occupied by Israel, are not.

The only people in those areas that are entitled to be vaccinated are the Zionist settlers, who are living there illegally.

Israel's military occupation, its Zionist settlements, these are all illegal under international law, there are numerous UN Security Council resolutions, clearly and unequivocally stating that Israel must leave and that these settlements are illegal under international law.


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