The blessings of Sha’ban, the 8th month in Islamic calendar

2021-04-01 22:46:59
The blessings of Sha’ban, the 8th month in Islamic calendar

Sha’ban is the eight month on the Islamic calendar, and the last month before Ramadan, giving it special status. It is a month of divine mercy and grace and an opportunity to cleanse the heart from sins and materialism.

Sha’ban is packed with opportunities to maximize our good deeds and draw closer to Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Sha’ban is occasionally overlooked by some Muslims since it is overshadowed by the significant months of Rajab and Ramadan Similar to Rajab and Ramadan, Sha’ban is a month which Muslims can achieve immense blessings and spirituality.

These three months have so much significance in Islam that Rajab is called the "month of God" and Sha'ban is called the "month of the Prophet" and Ramadan is the "month of the Muslim nation".

Historically, momentous events also took place during Sha’ban, which deserve to be commemorated.

By reading more Qur’an, fasting more, praying voluntary prayers, and following the Sunnah of the Prophet and his successors, you can strengthen your taqwa (consciousness of Allah) and establish good habits in time for Ramadan.

Among the other good deeds that are highly recommended in this month include repenting regularly and giving donations to the poor.


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