African Union urges end to military rule in Chad after Idriss Déby killed

2021-04-24 21:45:02
African Union urges end to military rule in Chad after Idriss Déby killed

The African Union has called for an end to military rule in Chad, whose president Idriss Déby was killed by rebels last week.

The army immediately announced that Déby's son would head a military council for 18 months before elections were held.

Former colonial power France, which has a large military base in Chad, appeared to back the takeover for "stability" amid "exceptional circumstances".

Opposition parties have also condemned what they called a "dynastic coup".

Trade union have called for a general strike, while rebel group Fact said Chad was "not a monarchy".

Deby was killed Monday on the battlefield in a fight against rebels after ruling the central African nation for more than three decades.

Deby, 68, had ruled Chad with an iron fist for three decades and supported the West's so-called anti-terrorism campaign in the troubled Sahel region.

Rebels in northern Chad were preparing to advance on the capital N'Djamena, a spokesman said on Saturday, following Deby's funeral.

After the defeat of terrorist groups like Daesh (ISIS) in Iraq and Syria, many experts believe the West decided to use Africa as a breeding ground for spreading terrorism and violence.

The presence of terrorist groups in Africa has been an excuse for global powers to re-enter the continent. This was seen in the French military intervention in Mali and the US military campaign in Somalia.

Ironically, the most violent extremists have emerged in the Middle East and Africa after the deployment of Western troops and violence has intensified in proportion to their military buildup over time.


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