France has long history of human rights abuses in Africa

2021-04-26 18:41:21
France has long history of human rights abuses in Africa

France, which seeks to establish itself as a civilized and pro-human rights country, has a long history of human rights abuses in many parts of the world, including Africa.

Paris emerged as a colonial power in Africa in 1524, seizing thirty-five percent of the continent by committing crimes and human rights abuses in twenty African countries.

The massacre of thousands of Algerians after the end of World War II, who fought for Algerian independence, is a clear example of French war crimes.

In May 1830, France invaded Algeria under the pretext of receiving seven million francs. Algerian fighters strongly resisted the attack, but due to the superiority of the French equipment, the war was prolonged and French soldiers committed murder, rape, torture and other crimes against Algerians.

After a bloody independence war that ended in 1962, the Algerian Bureau of Statistics announced that nearly 150,000 people had been killed by the French army.

After the victory of the revolution and the independence of Algeria, the crimes of France continued and led to the destruction of Algerian settlements and the killing of thousands of people.

In May 2016, then Algerian President Abdel Majid Taboun said in a speech that the number of victims by French colonial forces was more than five and a half million, in other words, half of the population of Algeria at that time.

France was also responsible for the genocide in Rwanda in 1994 that killed an estimated 800,000 people, known as one of the darkest human tragedies in the past half century.

The crimes and genocides committed by France in its colonized countries, especially in Africa, still hurt the conscience of the international community.

France's crimes against humanity in Africa indicate that Paris has no place to accuse other countries of human rights abuses and has distanced itself from the values of the French Revolution, including the defense of human rights, for decades.


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