Iran has most formidable military in Middle East: US General

2021-04-26 22:24:57
Iran has most formidable military in Middle East: US General

The head of US Central Command General Kenneth McKenzie says Iran possesses one of the most capable militaries in the Middle East; the top General said Iran's ballistic missile force is the most formidable in the region.

General Mackenzie who testified before the US House of Representatives Armed Services Committee, said Iran's widespread use of drones means that the US is operating without complete air superiority for the first time since the Korean War.

Iran has time and again stated that its military capabilities are merely defensive and are designed to deter foreign threats.

“Over the last five to seven years, the Iranians have made remarkable qualitative improvements in their ballistic missile force, while it has grown quantitatively as well. Their numbers, depending on how you choose to count the weapons, something a little less than 3000 of various ranges. Nonetheless their accuracy has become much better than it used to be. That is very concerning to me.”

Elaborating on what he means by that, he said, “We saw they demonstrated in the attack on Al-Assad air base in January of 2020, where the Iranian missiles generally hit within tens of meters of the targets they chose for them. That is very concerning to me.”

He went on to explain significant military achievements by Iran, saying that the Islamic Republic has invested heavily in its drone program, making significant accomplishments over the last five years.


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