Many in Africa hesitant to use Western coronavirus vaccines

2021-04-27 18:32:10
Many in Africa hesitant to use Western coronavirus vaccines

Many Africans are hesitating to get COVID-19 vaccines imported from the US and Britain amid concerns about their safety.

Malawi and South Sudan in recent days have said they will destroy some of their doses.

Africa, whose 1.3 billion people represent 16% of the world's population, has received less than 2% of the COVID-19 vaccine doses administered around the world, according to the World Health 0rganization.

The continent has confirmed more than 4.5 million COVID-19 cases, including 120,000 deaths, a tiny fraction of the global fatalities and caseload.

“People are worried this is another public experiment they want to make on our people,” Austin Demby, Sierra Leone’s health minister, told reporters last week.

Authorities in the southern African nation of Malawi said they would burn 16,000 AstraZeneca doses that expired earlier in April.

“The world has failed to find a vaccine for AIDS all these years, but they quickly found a vaccine for COVID? I am not going to go for that vaccine,” said Richard Bbale, an electrician in the Ugandan capital, Kampala, voicing fear that an experimental vaccine could be harmful. “Even if the government forces us to get the vaccine as if it’s a national ID, I will not go.”

Iran cancels import of US and UK COVID-19 vaccines after Leader bans it

The Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, Imam Ali Khamenei, has banned the purchase of coronavirus vaccines produced by the United States and Britain.

“Had the Americans managed to produce a vaccine, they would not have faced such a mess today in their own country. In one day, some 4,000 people died from COVID-19 in the US," Ayatollah Khamenei said in January. adding, "I really don't trust them. Sometimes they want to test the vaccine on other nations."

Test results have shown that the coronavirus vaccine developed in Iran is one the world’s most effective vaccines against Covid-19 variants.


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