Nigeria is speeding up plans to roll out 5G technology

2021-05-19 14:39:40
Nigeria is speeding up plans to roll out 5G technology

Nigeria is speeding up plans to join Kenya and South Africa to become one of the countries pioneering the deployment of 5G technology in Africa.

The country’s latest move to prepare for national activation of 5G happened earlier this month, when its communications agency signed a memorandum of understanding with communications satellite firm NigcomSat, to allow 5G services to ride on its C-band frequency spectrum.

The C-band frequency spectrum accounts for 60-70% of the commercial deployment of 5G networks globally. It is a mid-range frequency touted as the most suitable and appropriate frequency for deploying the 5G network services.

“The importance of this spectrum for early deployment of 5G services in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized,” Umar Garba Danbatta, vice chair of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), said in a statement.

5G deployment in Nigeria has been shrouded in controversies, especially as regards health concerns. However, the NCC’s announcement hints at a steady move towards 5G deployment in Nigeria, sooner rather than later.

Telecommunication evolution from inception to date has led to improved user experience from 2G to 3G, and later 4G. The global impact of 4G brought about increases in mobile usage and network performance. 5G will build on this momentum, bringing substantial network improvements, including higher connection speeds, mobility and capacity, and low-latency capabilities.


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