Egypt has double-standard attitude towards Palestine: Report

2021-05-20 18:08:41
Egypt has double-standard attitude towards Palestine: Report

Egypt has carried out a well-organized and heavy-handed campaign to prevent growth of pro-Palestinian support inside the North African country and is sabotaging Palestine-bound relief efforts, several reports show.

On Wednesday, the Middle East Monitor (MEMO) press monitoring organization said Egyptian authorities had arrested a doctor, who had volunteered to tend to the wounded in the Gaza Strip.

Since last Monday, the Israeli regime has ramped up its attacks against the coastal sliver, killing hundreds of Palestinians and injuring more than 1,400 others.

The physician, identified as Hossam El-Din Shaaban, was arrested by the Egyptian army after being accused of "disclosing military secrets."

The arrest came after Shaaban tweeted a video of his passage through the North Sinai Province, where the army has been responsible for the displacement of 10,000 people in a serious crackdown.

North Sinai has been hosting numerous terrorist attacks, but the Egyptian army’s operations there are still subject to heavy criticism for their indiscrimination. This has prompted Cairo to try to impose a news blackout over the area.

Shaabani is one of the 1,000 Egyptian doctors, who have volunteered to help cure people from Gaza.

MEMO, meanwhile, reported that none of the physicians had been allowed to cross Egypt’s Rafah border crossing with the enclave yet.

A day earlier, the outlet reported that the Egyptian state had caused a man, who had earlier waved a giant Palestinian flag at Cairo’s iconic Tahrir Square, to “forcibly disappear.”

Omar Morsi was arrested after the symbolic gesture last Friday.

Omar, who reportedly already suffers from major health problems, has vanished since then. His mother has asked about him at the capital’s Qasr al-Nil Police Station, but officers there have denied knowledge of his whereabouts.

Before coming down hard on Gaza, the Israeli regime significantly intensified its attacks on Palestinians in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, killing scores of them there.

Throughout the period, Egypt’s name was the first to come up as a country that allegedly sought to mediate a solution to the crisis. Simultaneously, some Western and Arab media outlets have been propagandizing Cairo’s alleged good intentions towards the Palestinians in Gaza.

Earlier, Reuters reported on separate occasions that Egypt had sent 10 ambulances to pick up the wounded from Gaza, and that Cairo was to allocate $500 million for the territory’s reconstruction.

This is while, Egypt was the first country to ever sign a “peace deal” with the Israeli regime in 1978, and has ever since been cooperating with Tel Aviv in enforcing Gaza’s blockade by monitoring and mostly closing down Rafah.

Observers accuse the country of trying to whitewash its actual attitude towards Palestinians by having media outlets carry the favorable stories.


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